ADD School

ADD School

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is a behavioural disorder that causes a child to have trouble concentrating, struggle to stay organized and show impulsive behaviour.

ADD School: Often kids who struggle with ADD get left behind in a mainstream school environment because the teacher goes on at a pace that is too quick for the child. A child with ADD is often too shy or ashamed to ask the teacher to slow down or help them when they don’t understand something.

It is possible for a child with ADD to go to a mainstream school and be on par with their peers. At Catch Up Kids, they address issues like emotional coping, attention, planning, inhibition, memory, self-monitoring, time management, meta-cognition, problem solving and more. These are all issues that kids with ADD have to deal with on a daily basis.

ADD School: Children with ADD have trouble concentrating. This is something that can be worked on and be improved. Catch up kids can specifically work on improving the time the child can sustain their attention on a task so that it is on their peers’ level. With having trouble concentrating also comes going off-task easily. Improving their skill in the area of sustained attention helps them to stay on-task to finish what is required in the allotted time.

Struggling to plan a head is a daily challenge for someone with ADD. For a child who has ADD an immediate reward is more desirable than a reward that is somewhere in the future. Because a child with ADD is more focussed on the short-term rewards, the future is just a haze to them and they don’t think of the medium- to long-term impact of their short-term behaviour. In school this is clearly seen in not planning accurately how long home work will take, or in not acting upon the idea that if they start early enough to study or do an assignment quickly enough after it is given, the load will be less later on. Catch Up Kids helps teach your child the skill of planning ahead, both academically and socially.

Catch Up Kids can also help with the management of impulsive behaviours. Impulsive behaviours aren’t something that a child with ADD has to struggle with. With the right interventions children with ADD can be taught how to manage these impulsive behaviours. This in turn will show improvements in a class environment and also with peers in a social environment.

Because children with ADD also often struggle with confidence, Catch Up Kids spends time working on building and improving confidence. Better confidence helps the child to ask in class if he/she is stuck and to work with more resilience at difficult academic tasks.

At Catch Up Kids, the focus is on the child’s strengths and using these strengths to the child’s advantage.