Our Approach

Setting the building blocks for success

What do we do?

Our services offered consist of highly specialised tutoring. Our instructors have received training and have experience in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). Catch Up Kids is not a registered healthcare provider or educational facility. Our team creates evidence based treatment plans drawing on the Skills Developmental Curriculum and on the principles of ABA. This allows us to customize individualised programs for each child, track results and achieve meaningful skill acquisition. The comprehensive curriculum covers many areas of development and is relied on to guide each child’s team.

Improve your child’s classroom skills and academic performance – catch up!

We provide trained school facilitators upon request

At Catchup kids we teach academic skills and emotional coping skills so that your child can keep up with classroom demands. We work on fine and gross motor skills that may be impacting your child’s handwriting and posture. School facilitators can support your child in the classroom and after school. We will identify those academic skills that need to be worked on. We will use your child’s homework as a platform to deliver our developmental curriculum and work on the skills your child needs to complete homework independently.

  • Meeting with the Catch Up Coordinator to discuss your child and how a catch up programme can assist your child.
  • School observation and IEP meeting with the school and your Catch Up Consultant.
  • Workshop and Catch Up programme Design – an experienced team of tutors are trained to meet your child’s individual needs. The programme itself is designed by the Catch Up Consultant.
  • Recommendations are made for one on one sessions and/or school facilitation which may occur at home, at one of our Catch Up facilities, at school or in the community depending on the needs of each child.
  • Daily and constant feedback provided on your child’s progress as well as regular communication with the school team.

Which children are eligible for the Catch Up Programme:

  • Foundation phase learners
  • Children with ADD/ADHD
  • Learners who are falling behind in the classroom
  • Children who attend a remedial school or a bridging class at a mainstream school
  • Playschool, nursery school and primary school learners who are struggling to keep up with classroom demands

Strengthen your child’s academic skills and break down barriers to learning!