Confused and worried about your child?

Figure out what is affecting your child’s performance at school so you can take action now.

Maybe remedial is not the best option, or not enough to help them succeed later in life. Identify missing skills and bridge developmental gaps to help your child thrive.

We offer a solution for kids challenged by learning difficulties, ADHD and developmental delays

Our tutors work in collaboration with the school team including the teacher, Head of Departments, Speech Therapist and Occupational Therapist in order to ensure your child’s success. Our tutors are there to compliment and not substitute these therapies. Through this collaboration, your child will bridge developmental gaps and it may prevent the need for a remedial school environment.

Our expert tutors use your child’s homework to teach them the missing foundational skills they need to succeed academically. Repeating a grade or taking medication alone doesn’t always give a struggling child the skills they need to catch up or to pass the grade. Our aim is to turn things around and help your child build the foundation they need to succeed academically for the rest of their school career.

Book an initial consultation with our developmental expert to help you understand your unique situation and the interventions that would be required to bridge the gap. Parents always comment that they feel so much better and supported after consulting with us. We provide a way forward to help their child succeed and cope in the mainstream classroom.

Catchup Kids provides one on one tutoring at your home or at one of our academies

Or even remotely via Zoom

Catchup Kids – setting the building blocks for success

Enroll our expert tutors to provide educational support

Foundation phase learners only (pre grade R to grade 3)

Figure out what is affecting your child’s success at school & take action now!

Understand the behavioral and educational interventions that would be required to bridge the gap and develop the skills that are in deficit. This is nothing your child has experienced before.