Slow learner students

Slow learner students and how we can help.

At Catch Up Kids we believe that any child has the potential to flourish academically and socially in a school environment. Slow learner students typically struggle in areas such as sustained attention, impulse control, memory, time management, emotional coping, planning and flexibility. These are the skills needed to excel in a school environment and these skills are all interrelated. A deficit in one can hamper the development of another. If your child finds impulse control challenging, it will affect their ability to sustain attention for the length of time that a teacher explains a concept which in turn will affect their ability to learn. If they have a problem with planning, they will struggle to manage their time efficiently which could lead to incomplete work, dependence on peers and their parents and general poor performance.

Generally class environments require children to be able to manage themselves well enough to be able to keep up with the work load at a rather quick pace. Classes are large and it’s expected that all the learner’s move at the same pace but this is not always possible for everyone. Slow learner students aren’t always capable to keep up in these environments and they tend to fall behind. This creates a vicious cycle where they just fall further behind and since the classes are large, it’s not always possible for teachers to give them the one-on-one attention that they so desperately need.

This can lead to a decrease in confidence, self-esteem and it can make the feel like they don’t fit in. It further hampers social development and general well-being. School can be a brutal place for children and they need the ability to self-regulate and cope emotionally with the challenges they face every day. In order for them to do this, they need to be able to believe in themselves.

At Catch Up Kids we are able to offer you the one-on-one attention that your kid needs. Through school observations and IEP meetings with the school our supervisors are able to identify the skills that are needed to help catch your child up.  Our supervisors are expertly trained to develop programmes specifically catered to your child’s individual needs. We have specially trained instructors that brings a multi-faceted approach to how your child learns. We are trained to identify the most effective way that your child learns, we use creative and fun techniques to help them on the level that they are on. Some children just need you to slow down and help them at their pace until they develop the necessary skills to be able to cope independently in a stressful school environment and we teach them these skills. We can help restore their self-esteem and build them up so that they have the confidence to independently tackle the challenges they face with vigour.