Fringe Review: The ADHD Project

For many, what it’s like living with ADHD is a mystery. Some don’t even believe it’s even a real diagnosis.

But for so many people, it’s a challenge they live with (impulsiveness, distraction, disorganization, hyperactivity) and try to make the best of.

Carlyn Rhamey offers her story of growing up with ADHD in the funny and poignant show, The ADHD Project.

Over 60 minutes she recounts her struggles with her diagnosis, social isolation, academic challenges, a perpetually messy bedroom, and more.

But she also takes the opportunity to celebrate her successes, and what makes her uniqueness (her X-Men superpower) a positive in her life.

She is a talented storyteller, with a great sense of comic timing, and also an ability to laugh at her own vulnerabilities.

Whether it’s dealing with bullying boys on the bus, or the unaccepted birthday invitations, she finds humour even in what must have been sad childhood moments (but, as a parent of a child with ADHD, I may be projecting).

Whatever the reason, Rhamey is an engaging performer who delivers a play that is both educational and entertaining, and serves as an inspirational reminder that what many see as a weakness (or even an annoyance) can be a strength.

It’s something to embrace and try to work with, as opposed to something to fight against. And presenting so honestly, and humorously, it helps work toward acceptance.

Dave Breakenridge