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ABA tutors and home-based programmes

Applied Behavioural Analysis, a psychology-based learning process, is a very important part of Special Education Needs tutoring. The core premise of ABA is that the child will always give their best try if the reward is large enough. This reward can range from snacks to verbal reinforcement (which is usually a given in the ABA process), or being given a break to engage in their interests. It improves skills and behaviour through being firm, but kind, patient, and following the child’s personal programme. The Star Academy is an ABA-based academy that works one on one with children with autism, to teach fundamental skills. ABA is not a cure but is a method that has changed the lives of many children and families in regard to the management of autism.


The Star Academy is currently expanding their tutor-based solution that can assist the child and their family from the home of the family, in the United Kingdom. SEN (SEN stands for special education needs, and goes hand in hand with ABA), instructors at The Star Academy are well-equipped and trained to work with your child through Zoom. The reach to the UK is being expanded through the exploration of the potential development of recruiting Psychology students in the UK to be trained in ABA and placed in the homes of the families.


There is also the understanding that if the parents of the child have a UK-based Board-Certified Behaviour Analyst on their team already, The Star Academy would be thrilled to join them on the team of the child. There is also the potential development of recruiting psychology students from the United Kingdom to train them in ABA and place them with the parents, just as The Star Academy started in South Africa.


Home-based Zoom sessions work through ensuring that the instructor is well-prepared and ready to run through the programme. Often, the child will have a parent, nurse, nanny, or caregiver with them. The instructor will run through the child’s programme, guiding and directing the caregiver on how they can help the child in their current environment. Zoom and in-person lessons not only cater for cases of autism, but also ADHD and other learning disorders. If all parents, therapists, and supporters of the children work together and support the child, the wonders of ABA therapy can be shared with international families and children.


The frequency and length of the sessions will depend on the result of the intake and assessment of the child, to ensure that they get maximum benefits from their individualised programmes. Home-based ABA programmes are a wonderful way for a child to learn all sorts of new schools, from a safe and supportive space.

Article by: A. Pascoe (2023)