We help children catch up

We help children catch up, exactly as the name says. Many of our kids at Catch Up Kids have ADHD or learning difficulties and our job is to help them catch up on their school work, social skills, and any other skills they are below age-level with.

Catch Up sessions are so much fun because they involve teaching the child at his/her level in so many different fun ways. It’s about entering their worlds and understanding how they make sense of their word sums or comprehensions, and then finding a way to teach them that they will understand and learn best. No two kids are the same, and that is the exciting part!

My favourite part must be when that boy who you have been working super hard with to build up his confidence and growth of mindset, walks in and tells you that he wrote a test today and he didn’t feel scared and he feels like he remembered everything he learned, and then when his results come back, he passed!

One of the children I work with is such an amazing boy who used to struggle with making friends, but since he has been with us he has made two very good friends. He is also participating in class more often and putting up his hand more without being afraid anymore of getting it wrong. It’s that moment when his teacher tells you that he is so eager to give his input that he is always the first one to put up his hand that makes it worth all the effort.

The feedback we get from schools when they can start seeing the changes in areas we are working on is super-rewarding.

Sometimes we take small things for granted, but it was Catch Up Kids that made me realize it’s all the small little steps that add up to the bigger picture.