We are making a difference

I believe working with our Catch Up Kids is a real privilege as the kid depends on you to help them fill in those gaps that most mainstream schools struggle to do so in a class setting. The one on one time opportune the kids with the necessary skills development that also hone in on specific needs required by that child. I enjoy my session thoroughly with our kids as they are able to bring a learning element to our sessions that are imaginative and thought provoking. I enjoy listening to and utilising their interests in our learning. This allows for a fun learning environment which peaks the child’s eagerness to learn more and master out their shortcomings in no time. Been able to know that we are making a difference to that child’s school environment is also a big moment for me.

I’m currently working with a kid who absolutely loves his sessions! It’s such an awesome feeling when a kid who has had a long day at school is still so excited to see you at the end of their day. He gets so happy when he has achieved something he has been working on for a while. We were working on rectifying his number reversals and when he was able to write his numbers the right way, he shouted “I’m such a smarty pants!” He was so chuffed with his performance! I’m so proud of him! Those are the little moments that make my day really special 🙂