Struggling in school

Struggling in school

If you feel that this phrase applies to you, you are most certainly not alone. Hundreds of parents all over the world, with children of different ages, may certainly be able to relate to your situation.

Your world may have started to look a little bit like the following; the teachers have called you in and/ or you yourself have noticed some changes in your child. They show slight or more extreme behavioural changes, and appear restless or less interested in learning.

You may find that a cycle has emerged with your child struggling in school; your child appears to be struggling with academic tasks, their marks are dropping, they are struggling to retain concepts… and the cycle continues. This cycle can be tough to break, but with the right knowledge and tools it is most certainly possible.

Your child is struggling in school and falling behind academically and socially compared to their friends – you are at a point where you want to help your child, but you are unsure of how to.

“Struggling in school” is a broad term, but can include one or more of the following reported behaviours:

  1. Changes in behaviour at home and at school
  2. Changes in sibling/ peer relationships
  3. Difficulties studying and/ or retaining learnt concepts
  4. Decreased performance in academic subjects
  5. Low self-esteem
  6. Difficulty making friends and/or maintaining friendships
  7. Decreased interest in going to school
  8. Loss of motivation
  9. Difficulties with sustaining attention to tasks
  10. Difficulty in persisting with tasks

Difficulties at school may include 1 or more of the above, or have a completely different appearance in your child. It is the uniqueness of every case that demands an individualised approach.

There is unfortunately no perfect “one-size-fits-all” plan or procedure – children all have unique skills and personality traits, which means they approach and deal with challenges differently.

Catch Up Kids has embraced this uniqueness and therefore believe in and deliver programs to help your child struggling in school to catch up (and sometimes even overtake!) their peers on an academic level. The program can also address confidence building, self-esteem issues, as well as help your child find the techniques with which they learn the best.

Catch Up Kids considers hundreds of factors before setting up an individualised programme, they: establish gaps in learning; consider parent as well as school priorities; consider your child’s emotional and academic challenges and how these challenges may reinforce each other; and take into account how your child learns best, to only name a few!

Individualised programs for children struggling in school are important, because it ensures that the approach to education is relevant to your child’s abilities, your time constraints and the resources available to your child. Catch Up Kids deliver these individualised programs through one-on-one sessions. The programs are monitored and adjusted as need be on an ongoing basis.