Speech therapy for kids

Speech therapy for kids


Speech therapy is a therapy that focuses on helping children sounds out words and understand expressive and non-verbal language. Speech therapy for kids may be seem as a great solution to a child’s ability to speak and understand language. However, there may be underlying problems that speech therapy cannot detect. A simple solution to finding these problems is a program called Catch Up Kids.

Unlike Speech therapy for kids, Catch Up Kids uses many fun and exciting ways to help kids feel and say sounds as well as learn and understand expressive and nonverbal language. Children who attend Catch Up Kids, learn quicker in the one on one environment with their instructor and uses their skills to interact with peers. They also learn new ways to express themselves better through a uniquely designed program for every child individually.

Speech therapy for kids are encouraged by Catch up Kids and we often work hand in hand with speech therapists to reach results sooner. Children at Catch Up Kids encounter a variety of ways to learn to speak in a fun and exciting manner. This allows for every child to be extremely motivated to put in their best and see results. This could be for children with little mispronunciations or having difficulty at school, all the way up to kids who are non-vocal. Catch Up Kids provide means to help children feel their sounds which allows for them to identify exactly which muscles they need to make the specific sounds that they find difficulty with. While speech therapy for kids is a wonderful option, Catch Up Kids promote lots of new and inventive ideas that make kids excited about language and learning.

Each child has a uniquely designed program that assesses and works on underlying factors that could cause the delay in speech and learning deficits. Speech therapy for kids only focuses on the speech and language deficits which is great for parents who only want to target those aspects, however, there may be other factors that Catch Up Kids may identify that can contribute to children learning faster and better.

The Catch Up Kids Centre also provides a programme called PROMPT (Prompts for Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets). PROMPT is provided by trained professionals that allow kids to feel where the sounds come from to help them make these sounds on their own. Speech therapy for kids works well with the PROMPT program and shows faster results for speech therapy for kid’s programs on its own. Catch Up Kids also provide a unique program for each and every kid. This focuses on the child’s individual problem areas and targets those from the foundation. This also means identifying and working on academic problems areas as well as problem areas in other domains.

Speech therapy for kids can prove fruitful in partnership with Catch Up kids, however, the beauty of Catch Up Kids lies in all the success stories of previous and current attendees of the program with and without speech therapy for kids.