Schools for children with learning difficulties

When to consider schools for learning difficulties for your child

Some of the most common signs that a person may have learning difficulties are:

  • Difficulty with reading and/or writing
  • Difficulty with concentration
  • Memory issues
  • Difficulty with motor skills
  • Delayed speech / problems with pronunciation

Schools for children with learning difficulties


While schools for children with learning difficulties may have a negative stigma attached, they are highly beneficial for children who are not coping within the mainstream schooling environment.

Schools for children with learning difficulties are beneficial for children struggling in mainstream schools because of their one on one assistance as well as their personalized teaching approach to specifically target learning difficulties.

Schools for children with learning difficulties will (majority of the time) have a team of educational professionals such as Occupational Therapists, Speech therapists etc, on staff and within reach for the children to access during their school day should they need any further assistance.

A few of the more common types of learning difficulties include dyslexia, auditory processing disorder, dysphasia and aphasia etc. Often, these learning difficulties lead to other issues such as anxiety, behavioural issues, poor concentration, frustration as well as poor emotional regulation.

How Catch Up Kids aids children with learning difficulties

Catch Up Kids is a center where a remediation program is used in order to assist children who are not coping in a mainstream schooling environment. We utilize the IEP approach where each child’s program is specific to their learning difficulties and specific needs. The one on one approach is also a significant part of what we do at Catch Up Kids as it creates a safe, personalized learning experience for the learner.

Catch Up Kids aims to assist with the following list of learning difficulties including but not limited to: difficulty in memory, metacognition, emotional coping, academics. We will ensure no child is left behind in the classroom and will do our utmost to ensure a frustration-free learning environment.

Catch Up Kids is also able to assist with speech and pronunciation by utilizing a programme known as PROMPT: Prompts for Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets (for more information on PROMPT visit )

Catch Up Kids is highly beneficial for your child as they create a safe place for your child to learn in. An initial assessment will be done in order to assess current standards. Once a specialised programme has been put into place for your child, we then establish future goals for your child! A monthly workshop will be held with instructors, the child as well as the parents to provide updates on the child’s progress!

All of our staff are highly trained and are fully equipped to assist with your child’s needs. Should you require assistance / advice on whether your child requires assistance with these difficulties complete the following questionnaire and get in touch –