School for ADHD

School for ADHD

When looking for a school best suited for your child a plethora of names appear on the first Google screen appearing in-front of you. The idea seems daunting and ambiguous when this is your first time looking for answers: where do I start? Who do I trust? How am I going to find THE ONE? Well, as easy as the search key words – schools for ADHD and as important as your gut feel, the answer is very simple – choose the name appearing first on the list, Catch up kids.

Schools for ADHD promise a wide variety of areas they intend to focus on, but do these guarantee the same level of excellence, intimacy, care or world class programmes as the one Catch Up Kids does? At Catch Up Kids, the field leading most sought-after school for ADHD we guarantee a life of change. At Catch Up Kids we always strive to be ahead of the pack, be better than ‘just another’ school for ADHD. We never cease to see challenges as another goal waiting to be accomplished, we never lose focus when taking a child under our wings, we never intend to stop looking for another best answer.

We foster feelings of hope. By setting standards few can match we strive to dedicate ourselves to every moment of the child’s life once they become part of the family. We never rest when it comes to the way forward, we make each child a top priority, we provide comfort to every individual who is lucky enough to be part of the child’s life in ensuring that a light is once again shone at the end of the tunnel.

The most important aspect about Catch Up Kids is that we function as a family. Few schools for ADHD keep focus on ensuring that the human element is kept. We function as well as our weakest link and always ensure that our links with one another, our work, the field, the children and the mission is always as strong as our will to keep on moving forward and aiming to be the best school for ADHD there could possibly be for years to come.  Our instructors all go through a rigorous training procedure culminating in an international certification in our method of intervention.

Catch Up Kids provides programmes uniquely designed and dedicated for each individual stepping on the premises and into our more than capable hands. Never should you wonder about where hope or help will come from because at Catch Up Kids we provide hope where others see none.

School for ADHD or family for ADHD, that’s the question you are left with. Change lies one wish away at Catch Up Kids.