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Remedial Schools in Cape Town

You have just finished a parent meeting at school and all that echoes is “remedial school”. As a parent you are both confused and alarmed at the fact that your teacher has just suggested that you look into remedial schools in Cape Town and here you are, find yourself googling remedial schools in Cape Town with not much options available.

What are remedial schools? Remedial means: “intended to correct or improve something.” The root word is “remedy” – “the means of solving a problem.”

Some might perceive remedial schools as a place I take my child to because they can’t keep up with mainstream schools. Some children just need to be taught in a different, more creative manner. Why remedial schools in Cape Town is better for your child in the long run? Catch Up Kids offers an option for remedial schools in Cape Town. We at Catch up Kids focus on individualised teaching aimed at targeting challenging areas of learning without compromising on the goal to get your child back into mainstream schooling. Catch up Kids is able to bring remedial schools to Cape Town. As an option as a remedial school in Cape Town, Catch up Kids is able to provide the right jump start to your child’s academic performance.

Catch Up Kids as a remedial school in Cape Town can also offer after school sessions where your child will still receive one-on-one therapy that focuses on those challenging academic areas. This type of remedial schools in Cape Town does not hinder on normal schooling hours but works together with current teachers and schools to stand-in and fill in the missing gaps. Remedial schools in Cape Town are far and few in comparison to what we at Catch up kids can offer your child. As an option for remedial schools in Cape Town, Catch Up Kids is able to change the way your child looks at learning into a mind-set that learning can be fun and they can understand what is been taught to them.

Intervention at early stages of children struggling to read can improve the learners’ reading. The same is true for maths. Catch up Kids as a remedial school in Cape Town works on the basis of addressing each learner’s difficulties in small groups. One-on-one teaching settings are invaluable. Remedial schooling is not all about more worksheets that overwhelm your child even further but it is about practical, hands on approach that utilises both auditory and visual stimuli. Catch up kids as a remedial school in Cape Town offer programmes that are inclined with the strength of your child. We teach them how they learn. Do not adopt a wait and see attitude, but take action. Put remedial education in place early on.

Nicole Mtshali