Remedial School in Pretoria

Remedial School in Pretoria

Are you considering a remedial school in Pretoria? Before you do… Have you heard about Catch Up Kids?  Catch Up Kids is facility that is aimed to provide children with the tools they need to excel in the school environment.

Remedial school in Pretoria: Is your child falling behind in his or her academics? Are his/her teachers concerned about their progress in the classroom?  Does your child find it hard to stay on task or pay attention to the teacher in the classroom?  If you answered yes to any of these questions Catch Up Kids is the ideal fit for your child. Our services include helping your child overcome learning difficulties and catch up with their peers in the classroom.

Catch Up Kids is based in Erasmus Kloof, Pretoria. We are also located in Durban and Johannesburg (Waverly, Highlands North and Douglasdale). We also remotely offer our services in countries like Ghana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Saudi Arabi, London and Mauritius. Your child will be assigned a team of instructors and a case supervisor. Each of our members are driven, energetic, enthusiastic and creative human beings that have been trained to assist you and your child to reach their utmost potential. We are a team that strives to think out of the box and brainstorm ways in which we can create and implement a program that is tailored made to suit your child and their needs. You child will be allocated recommended hours after an intake is conducted with you and the entire team. You will be updated and apart of every decision we make for your child’s benefit. We believe that communication and consistency is vital for your child’s progress. To ensure there is an open line of communication between the team and parents we conduct monthly workshops, team meetings as well as daily feedback on each therapy session by the means of email or WhatsApp. The team lead is tasked with the duty of setting weekly goals for your child and the team that  you will receive  weekly. This allows the team to concentrate on specific lessons that is may need more attention.

Our services also include school shadowing/facilitation. We work closely with a number of mainstream and remedial schools in Johannesburg as a well as Pretoria. We arrange regular meetings with the school principal as well as the teacher and discuss how we can improve the performance of the learner in the classroom. A facilitator can be sent into the child’s classroom to shadow and assist the child with tasks they find challenging and may need support with.

Visit the website and fill out the questionnaire and one of our staff members will get back to you as soon as possible.