Remedial school in Johannesburg

Remedial school in Johannesburg.

Why is there such a big need today for remedial school in Johannesburg and remedial teachers who can teach children who require remedial learning in Johannesburg? Over the years more and more children are struggling to keep up to the standards (CAPS curriculum and classroom pressures and pace) required in schools through Johannesburg. Classroom masses have grown larger and larger and the pace at which children are being taught is much faster. Due to factors many children are presenting with learning difficulties. Teachers are finding it more difficult to give the individualized attention that is required by children with a slower learning acquisition rate. The word remedial can range far and wide, this meaning that it can go all the way from small learning deficits such as reading or writing and range all the way to learning disabilities such as dyslexia for an example. Whichever the case, schools in Johannesburg are recommending that these children seek alternative therapies or even go as far as suggesting that they leave their mainstream environment and go off to find schools with remedial capabilities that will cater to the child’s remedial need. Due to this many independently owned remedial schools are establishing themselves throughout Johannesburg. The high demand of remedial learning in Johannesburg has prompted the creation and establishment of these new remedial schools in and around Johannesburg. Some are in hope to provide better learning environments for children with remedial learning needs, Many offering different types of therapies (such as speech, OT, behavioral, Ect) to help them and other remedial schools in hope to help them correct their learning difficulties that labels them into a remedial category. At catch up kids this is definitely the case. It can be seen as a remedial form of teaching and they are based in Johannesburg. They have qualified instructors who can work with children in Johannesburg who have remedial learning needs. The instructors are trained in the CAPS curriculum for each grade and at catch up kids they do not see remedial as a final label, instead they seek to find where the learner is having difficulties and to “catch them up” to the level that they need to be at for their age level (hence the name catch up kids). Many remedial schools in Johannesburg work with pupils who also attend catch up kids and together the combination can have phenomenal results. Some children may even learn from the comfort of their own homes in Johannesburg or the ultimate option is to mainstream them back into their mainstream schools in Johannesburg and allow them to have remedial extra lessons after school hours to keep them up with their grade level and the CAPS curriculum. This is often the best outcome as the child feels motivated to start succeeding in their class and they often do better and better with the confidence build and motivation. So if you are seeking a remedial school in Johannesburg or help to assist with remedial needs, Catch Up Kids is the best place to start.