Remedial school in Durban

Remedial school in Durban

By Arielle Maganlal

Remedial school in Durban: Remedial schools are schools designed to help learners who face difficulty with mainstream school curricular. There are numerous Remedial schools in Durban that offer the full time support that parents seek to help their child get on track with kids at the same age. However, this requires a full-time enrolment at the Remedial school and the child is placed in a class with peers who also find difficulties with mainstream curricular. As good as this sounds, the problem identified with the Remedial schools in Durban are that a child attending this school is set a pace that caters for the needs of the entire class. While there may be some difficulties that the child faces, he or she may not face majority of the skills and lessons taught in remedial schools in Durban. Therefore, if the child attends a remedial school in Durban, he or she may have difficulty with math concept but will have to endure learning other subjects such as literacy and reading subjects that he or she excel at. This decreases the child’s pace of learning as he or she may get up to speed with math but remain at a slower pace for the subjects that he or she is well informed in. While Remedial schools in Durban aim to increase the child’s understanding and go at a slower pace to allow for the best understanding of the different concepts in lessons, it has to take into account the class as a whole which can become boring at some stage for the child and may even be seen in a spike in incompatible behaviour from the child. The good thing about Remedial schools in Durban is that lots of them provide individual teaching which requires the child to be removed from class and have closer attention from teachers. However, Remedial schools in Durban do not provide a solution for the underlying deficits that could be causing the difficulties that the child faces with learning.

There is a great way to avoid such outbursts and stagnation in a child who finds difficulty in mainstream school without turning to a Remedial school in Durban. The answer is called Catch Up Kids. It is not a remedial school in Durban but rather a centre that develops programs uniquely designed to help children learn at their own pace and in a fun and exciting manner. This Program works with one-on-one teaching from qualified instructors and focus on the underlying aspects that causes difficulty to the child. With these assessments, the team that is assigned to the child will work on finding creative ways to help the child learn the foundations of what mainstream school is teaching. The one-on-one time with the child can be scheduled according to availability and allow for children to continue attending mainstream school. This allows for children to catch up on what they are finding difficulty with by having tutors who will teach these topics one on one and in fun and exciting ways to help the child retain the information. The best part about Catch Up Kids is unlike Remedial schools in Durban, kids at Catch Up Kids, learn at their own pace and focus specifically on what they need help with. It also helps work on skills that the child may be able to build on such as sustaining attention in order to understand the work that mainstream school teaches.

Children attending Catch Up Kids do are not required to leave their mainstream school to attend full time, which is a great chance to keep our kids learning at their age level. Catch Up Kids works closely with mainstream schools to ensure that our kids are adapting well and help children maintain the standard of learning at their schools so that they do not stand out from their peers. This poses as another positive for Catch Up Kids as children who attend Remedial schools in Durban may at some point be on the receiving end of stigmatic remarks which could in turn lead to bullying.

Catch Up Kids is a great program for kids who experience any difficulty in mainstream schools and allows for parent to see improvement in their child’s learning and love for learning new things.