Remedial Help

Teachers play a major role in deciphering which students require remedial help. They identify learners that require remedial help through various forms of school-based assessments and standardized testing. Students that have difficulty keeping up academically with the school curriculum are often redirected to ascertaining remedial assistance. The school liaises with the child’s caregiver and possible remedial help options are provided. Remedial help is offered through remedial classes. Teachers that are best suited for remedial help are placed in remedial classes as they are equipped with assisting learners with a variety of limitations that prevent them from reaching their full academic potential. Remedial help can be provided to learners on a one-on-one basis and concurrently in small groups. This allows educators to provide more attention to each learner in order to increase their capacity for grasping concepts or ideas that they have difficulty with.


Remedial support consists of the educator breaking down concepts into parts. These parts are taught according to the learner’s pace and comfort level to inevitably understand the whole. Teachers that provide remedial assistance use various methodologies when providing assistance to learners who have subscribed to remedial classes. Of course, each methodology is child-specific and therefore has to be tailored to suit the needs of each learner and their limitations. When providing remedial support, it is imperative that teachers are well – versed in the language of the learner. Some learners are bilingual and thus English is sometimes a second language. Teachers therefore have to be sensitive when providing instruction. If English is the official language utilized by the school, teachers should provide lesson plans in a manner that are easy for the learner to comprehend. Learning aids are another essential factor when providing remedial aid. Teachers are expected to use learning aids that will enhance the memory and retention of concepts. Practice and repetition prove effective. Through this method, students tend to retain what is taught and apply themselves appropriately.

Remedial aid is an effective form of assistance as learners put into effect everything taught to them using a variety of methods to gain comprehension. It is imperative that learners who have difficulty with keeping up with the school syllabus seek remedial help immediately. Without remedial assistance, their learning can be hindered and continue to cause further academic delay. With intensive remedial help, learners can, after a short while regain momentum in their learning and rejoin mainstream learning.