Remedial education

Remedial education

Remedial education was specifically designed to assist children that are struggling to keep up with academic demands in the classroom environment. Remedial schools are a better option for children that have learning barriers than mainstream schools. The reason for this is because the individual learning needs of children with learning difficulties are met and catered for because of the individualised attention offered by remedial schools. Most mainstream schools have adopted a teaching system where they separate children that have learning difficulties into different classes and teach them at their own pace. This is a big disadvantage because it leaves them vulnerable from stigma from the other children. Remedial schools do not have this teaching system in place because all the children at the school are either special needs or have learning barriers. One of the advantages of taking your child to a remedial school is that they have smaller classes and the teachers are qualified and trained to understand each kid’s individual needs.

Remedial education can be effective for a child with learning barriers, but you can achieve so much more with the incorporation of The Catch Up Kids programme. Remedial educators are qualified and trained to help students reach expected competencies in terms of their academic achievements. Catch Up Kids is a remediation programme that helps equip your child with the necessary skills to cope with issues that may arise in the classroom setting such as: implementing emotional coping strategies, the inability to pay attention, assistance with memory and remembering, flexibility issues, promoting self management, implementing problem solving and social skills. The Catch Up Kids Programmes also offers school facilitation where our expert therapists facilitate your child at school and helps them to cope in their learning environment. The learning programme also ensures that skills taught at school are generalised to other environments other than the school setting.

The advantage of taking your child to a remedial school with a school facilitator present will help to improve their academic performance, we will also help them in acquiring the necessary skills and strategies  to catch up to the academic demands, and it will also foster your child to be more confident to deal with any school demand.

What makes The Catch Up kids programme so unique is that it is tailored for each individual, it makes learning fun which makes it easy for children to understand difficult concepts, it targets the behaviour aspect as well as the academic aspect, it works closely with teachers and parents to achieve the child’s highest potential.

Our techniques have been proven to improve attention, memory, perception, cognition, verbal and language skills in the children we work with. Our therapists are constantly being trained and our teaching methods are updated regularly in order to provide the benefit of latest research and development to the children we work with.