Remedial classes

If your child is falling behind or finding it difficult to keep up with his/her classmates, remedial classes could help him/her to “close the gap”. Remedial classes become necessary when a child struggles with academics most commonly in the areas of English, maths or reading. Basics are the focus of remedial classes forming firm foundations to assist with further development in the child’s academic career. Often other targets can be taught or addressed in the case where they may be the source of the child’s difficulties in a certain academic area.

Remedial classes are extra lessons focused on supplementing already existing lessons in school that a learner may be struggling with. These classes can help learners to catch up to their peers and, if the learning difficulty is not due to an underlying disability, remedial classes can be used to bridge the gaps in their learning.  The aim of many remedial classes is to “close the gap” between what a child knows and what they are expected to know according to age appropriate and grade appropriate norms. In addition, social skills which can be influencing a child’s interpersonal relationships with peers at school can be targeted anecdotally.

Good remedial classes are research based and use a step-by-step approach ensuring that each target is mastered before moving onto the next one. Remedial classes are best given individually or in small groups to guarantee that every child is given the attention that they need to excel. Compared to how schools would teach material, remedial classes often have unique approaches to teaching making it more fun and interesting for a child, which is beneficial to a child with learning difficulties. A specially trained instructor often assesses each child’s strengths and utilises them to teach them difficult content. This ensures that they are able to apply the material over various situations and contexts. In remedial classes material is regularly reviewed to reinforce learning and consolidation of targets.

Catch Up Kids aims to empower children and build their confidence both academically and socially through remedial classes. One-on-one sessions with one of the Catch Up Kids’ trained instructors will work on improving your child’s academic performance and learning capabilities. These remedial classes follow special tailor-made programs suited to each individual child’s needs, strengths and weaknesses. The Catch Up Kids programmes focus on building executive functioning skills such as planning, attention, emotional coping, social skills, time management, flexibility, memory and many other skills that may make learning difficult for a child in mainstream schools.

Programs will specifically target areas that have been highlighted as unknown or weak in the assessment. An assessment includes evaluating a child’s progress at school through school collaboration and by probing skills they are expected to know according to their grade and age with the Catch Up Kids supervisor and instructors. Classes will take place as recommended by each child’s appointed supervisor. Scientifically backed remedial classes produce the best results especially when paired with an intensive schedule. If you are looking for extra support for your child or know someone who may be, it is important to do your research to find the best fit for your child.