Our emphasis is on building confidence

The most amazing part of being a part of the Catch Up Kids team is the variety of children I am lucky enough to work with and seeing their progress. The progress I am talking about isn’t just the academic progress we see, although there is no doubt that is our main goal and endlessly rewarding, but the growth we see in them personally. Many of the children we work with are reluctant when they start out with us and are considered incapable or difficult to work with in the school environment. They are not excelling or reaching their full potential and we work on more than just academics to make sure they can achieve that.

One of the most common things we see is that children have no confidence, or have difficulty managing their disappointments, and as a result they are scared to make effort. This is often what causes the mindset that a child is difficult or not capable, and the worst part is that children will believe this of themselves too. Our emphasis on building confidence as well as emotional coping skills produces kids who are confident to try their best and are able to manage when things don’t quite go to plan as well. This leads to children who are performing their best while improving through our academic support as well.