Our Catch Up Kids are really amazing individuals

At Catch Up Kids, we help many children who are seemingly struggling to meet grade-level requirements and maintain focus at school. We primarily focus on the specified problem at hand and target that problem until a satisfactory solution is obtained. Our Catch Up Kids are really amazing individuals and such a joy to work with. The one thing that brings me so much personal joy is seeing our Catch Up Kids grow emotionally and not just at an academic level. One particularly adorable little boy was very shy when he had initially started services with us; he didn’t interact much with the other peers as his confidence levels were low. As weeks went by his confidence grew – he is now such a smart, confident, happy and witty little boy who proudly struts his stuff to the world. His confidence has grown so much that he will call me and ask me look at his new cool tricks or cool moves he has learned. He has become expressive. It is such a rewarding feeling to contribute to and witness first-hand the impact Catch Up Kids has on our future generation. The little boy I’m referring to has not only exceeded academic expectations, but has also grown into such a wonderful child with a smile and a sense of contagious confidence and affection. It is so exciting to work with these children as they ignite purpose, joy, accomplishment and happiness in my life. I will always have a smile on my face if our kids are happy. I look forward to working with these kids more and more as they inspire me to become a better person and to work harder. Even when I am not sure just how much they realise how thoroughly I enjoy their cool superhero stories, silly dance moves and hilarious jokes; what I know for sure is how thankful I am to them for allowing me the opportunity to form such strong relationships and bonds and continue my passion in working with truly inspiring little humans. Catch Up Kids bears meaning to many lives.