Natural Remedies for ADHD

As a person helping a loved one manage ADHD sometimes there is not the need to do more, but rather applying some simple changes, like using natural remedies for ADHD, can make a large difference in both of your lives.


ADHD is a lifelong disorder, and is not treatable, but it is manageable. There are varying stimulant medications, that may fall under the names of Ritalin, Vyvanse, Concerta, and Adderall, but these are not a cure, and there are other natural methods that may benefit you, or your child, in the management of ADHD. Some children do not respond well to stimulants, and long-acting options such as Strattera or Inir, that have also been proven to reduce symptoms of anxiety in some patients.


If these medications are not right for the child, there are some natural remedies for ADHD that can be used:


Ginseng: a herb used to for its antioxidant richness, brain function benefit blood sugar control, immune and nervous system support, and the reduction of inflammation. This may be effective as a natural remedy for ADHD due to the increased rates of bodily inflammation that is often present in people with ADHD.


Bacopa: a herb believed to support [1]verbal learning, delayed word recall, memory acquisition, and anxiety reduction. It is also known to be a calming cognitive enhancer, which may assist with anxiety symptoms of children who present hyperactivity symptoms.


Even though these supplements are natural, they can have adverse side effects, so a medical professional must always be consulted before they are used.

In terms of professionals, occupational therapist, educational psychologists, and specific programmes that are designed to help a child learn to manage their ADHD are effective, natural ways to bring out the best of the person’s abilities.


A nutritional diet with minimised chemical additives/preservatives, and reduced allergens (which include eggs, dairy, gluten) is also incredibly important in the management of this condition. For older persons, the avoidance of alcohol and recreational substances can not only avoid the risk of substance abuse, but also reduce symptoms of hyperactivity, anxiety, and mood swings in adult ADHD.


A final note, and potentially one of the most natural remedies for ADHD management, is exercise. 30 minutes of outside exercise time (whether it be running, walking, team sports, swimming, dancing, yoga, cycling etc.) can actually provide the same effects of ADHD stimulant medication for up to 3 hours. Frequent brain brains (in which the child leaves the table and expends some energy through a small amount of physical movement) throughout the learning process can also assist with the management of hyperactivity and inattentive symptoms.

[1] Eric A. Walker, Mark V. Pellegrini. (2023). Bacopa Monnieri. Treasure Island (FL)