My Experience at Catch Up Kids

Working at Catch Up Kids has been an amazing experience. I have worked with many incredible children who have taught me so much, and have shown me that if they are given a bit of extra time, effort and patience, they can achieve so much!

There is one particular experience I had which stood out to me. The child was not able to sustain attention to a task for more than a few seconds, and would read and write at a very slow pace. After just two months of three sessions per week, the child could sustain attention fully to a task until it was completed, even with distractions present. She could also read and write fluently and at an age-appropriate speed, and we even moved on to having her write very descriptive stories of her own.

I have had many fantastic experiences with these shining stars, and I love watching each of them grow, and seeing how far they have come. It amazes me to see how hard the children try to do things that they thought were impossible, and seeing the look of pride on their faces when they achieve something new is absolutely priceless. The determination and perseverance I see every day from these children gives me so much inspiration. This is not just a job to me… it is a passion!