Learning difficulty teacher

Learning difficulty teacher:

Students with a learning difficulty, teacher reimagined.

Learning difficulty teacher: I think most people will agree that it takes a special kind of person to work with students with a learning difficulty. The learning difficulty teacher who works with these students needs certain characteristics to effectively help students with a learning difficulty and be a learning difficulty teacher. They need to be patient, empathetic, creative, resourceful and flexible. They need to be able to meet a child on their level and utilise the skills that the child has to help them flourish.

It can be rather taxing for both student and teacher when the teaching process is rigid and one dimensional. According to an article on Learning Disabilities Association of America’s website, research continues to prove that we can teach students with learning difficulties how to learn. One of the ways you can do this is by using a multi-sensory approach that is sequential, simultaneous and structured. The teachers who use this approach need to be able to break learning into small steps, supply continuous, high quality feedback, use various materials to demonstrate what they say in words, and provide sufficient independent, well-designed intensive practice. These teachers should also have the ability to model the desired behaviour that they need the students to follow. For a child with a learning difficulty to achieve success there needs to be a strong focus on individual achievement, progress, and learning. For them you need someone whose top priority is the child and not the group or class.

At Catch Up Kids we are able to offer a teacher (to which we refer to as an instructor) that is reimagined in the way that’s been described above. Our staff is the special people with patience, creativity, resilience and passion that will be able to help your child in ways that lack in schools. Our approach is entirely focused on the individual. Our supervisors will design a program which is specifically catered to fit the strengths and weaknesses of your child. It is an empirically sound approach which centres on the child’s abilities. Our instructors are trained to give the child the one-on-one attention and help that they need to keep up with their peers. We believe that you can achieve more when you are able to use creative, fun and motivating methods to teach students with a learning difficulty the things they are not able to grasp in a class setting. We believe that this individual attention, combined with the character traits of these instructors has the power to develop the necessary skills that these students need in order to thrive in a group or class setting. Whether these skills are memory, emotional coping, planning, attention or confidence, we are able to use innovative and evidence based strategies to ensure that these skills are developed to such an extent that they are able to catch up with their peers and overcome the learning disability that has hampered their success.