Kids with adhd

Kids with adhd

ADHD a term used so easily to describe children when they have difficulties with learning, concentrating and sustaining their attention in class.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects children on a daily basis with daily tasks and activities. ADHD vary in children and not all children experience the same problems or symptoms. Attention deficit disorder can affect your child behaviourally, cognitively and also have an effect on their mood. These symptoms can include but are not limited to the following;

Behaviourally your child can experience more aggression and be more irritably. They can also be more impulsive, making rational decisions, be excitable and impatient. Kids with ADHD also tend to be more repetitive with their words and actions.

Cognitively kids with ADHD struggle more to concentrate in class and have difficulty sustaining their attention to specific activities or tasks. They also tend to be more forgetful because of their attention span.

Attention deficit disorder can also impact your child’s mood and leave your child feeling more anxious or depressed and making them struggle to experience excitement. They can also experience anger more often and experience boredom.

Kids with ADHD might also seem like they are more self-focused and this is because they have trouble identifying other people’s emotions, needs and desires and this can lead to them having trouble waiting and therefore they tend to struggle to understand basic social cues and this can lead to interrupting other people while they are talking and having conversations that they are not part of. Waiting their turn, waiting during classroom activities and waiting while playing games can also be difficult for them as they struggle with inhibition. They also struggle to control their emotions and might lack emotional coping skills and this can lead to them having inappropriate anger outburst, which in younger children can be identified as temper tantrums.

Kids with ADHD tend to be more fidgety with their hands, legs or body and they experience trouble with sitting still especially when they are forced to sit still. They might engage in elopement and feel the need to keep their hands busy. They also struggle to engage in leisure activities which require them to play quietly and engage in activities where they need to be calm and quiet. ADHD children tend to start different tasks or activities but have difficulty completing these tasks. They will start an activity and then when another catches their attention they will start with the new activity before completing their current task and this can be a result of their lack of focus as they have more difficulty to sustain their attention. They struggle to pay attention when someone is speaking to them and also struggle to repeat back what others said even though it seemed like they were paying attention. This can be because kids with ADHD day dream more and are not that aware of the environment around them. They also tend to struggle more with planning skills and this leads to them having difficulty executing plans and following through with goals and plans. They can then seem careless about their mistakes but this is solely because of them struggling with planning and lacking planning skills to solve how they can fix their mistakes. This also therefore leads to children struggling with prioritizing school projects and homework.  They also struggle more with organizing skills and organizing their school books, suitcases and also their school work. They tend to be more forgetful and that is why they do not complete their chores and homework and losing things can also be a result of this.

Children with attention deficit disorder experience all of the above both in their school and home environment and their deficits can show in more than one setting.

It is important to look out for any signs and get help for your child as soon as possible as it is possible for them to learn how to live with these daily struggles and to find all the necessary skills and coping strategies to overcome their daily challenges. The experts at Catch Up Kids will guide every aspect of your child’s development to help them achieve the milestones and academic objectives they need to achieve.