Kids who attend Catch Up Kids make each day worth it

I have been in the field of Applied Behaviour Analysis for almost a year and a half now; I cannot believe that I spent a year of that time not working with Catch Up Kids. It’s always a highlight to see one of my Catch Up Kids on my schedule. I have learnt so much in my time with them from how to make lessons more fun to how to practice patience (my daily mantra!). Watching each child grow and improve in not just their centre work but their school work too leaves you feeling more proud than you ever imagined you could feel.

A young boy that I began working with earlier this year has worked so hard. Watching him grow physically and within himself is amazing to see. When he started, he was just a (super sweet) shy seven-year-old boy who didn’t even want to ask for help during lessons. He is now a super sweet, confident eight-year-old boy who insists on harder words and sums because the ones that I give him are “easy peasy, lemon squeezey”. The growth that I have seen in not just him but so many kids who attend Catch Up Kids make each day worth it. They make the late afternoon hours spent planning fun activities to the mid-winter water balloon fights so, so worth it.