IEP School

IEP School

Is your child falling behind in the classroom; attending a remedial school or bridging class at a mainstream school or struggling to keep up with the class, have you considered attending IEP schools?

IEP schools are schools that have individualised education programmes, programmes that are designed to help support learners who have various learning difficulties. A core benefit of attending IEP schools is that each learner’s IEP (individualises education programme) takes into consideration each learner’s strengths and weaknesses, their skills and deficits as well as their preferred learning style and various forms of motivation. By doing so, IEP schools then have an established and learner tailored programme (IEP) that not only illustrates the learner’s specific goals but also focuses on the strategies to be adopted in order to help the leaner achieve the various objectives established by their specific team.

One of the few IEP schools available in Johannesburg South Africa is Catch Up Kids. Catch Up Kids is a school that prides itself on being an IEP school, as our primary focus is to address the individualised needs of learners who are struggling academically or having difficulty managing classroom demands, with an aim of assisting learners to achieve academic excellence and to become confident members of the classroom.

Upon a decision to attend Catch Up Kids, your child will be appointed a Catch Up Kids Supervisor, who will then create an IEP for your child, after having a school observation, an IEP meeting with your child’s school and after additional concerns you as parents might have. These evaluations and collaborative efforts will ensure that your Catch Up Kids Supervisor has an in-depth understanding of your child and what skills your child needs more assistance with, be it academic, cognitive or social-emotional. As a result, each child at Catch Up Kids will have a tailor made IEP that will meet their exact needs, in order to help them combat their difficulties and to become confident members in the classroom. Once your Catch Up Kids Supervisor has designed your child’s IEP programme, recommendations will be made for one on one sessions and or school facilitation which will be carried out by an experienced team of tutors, who are trained to meet your child’s individual needs.

An important aspect of IEP’s is that IEP schools need to review each learners IEP in order to establish what progress has been achieved. At Catch Up Kids this is ensured by means of monthly workshop evaluations and progress assessments with your child and their Catch Up Kids tutors as well as monthly or bi-monthly IEP meetings. This is an essential part of Catch Up Kids success, in that by doing these reviews we ensure that your child is continually progressing and improving in order to reach our aim of academic excellence and to becoming an independent member in their classroom.

So, if your child is falling behind in the classroom; attending a remedial school or bridging class at a mainstream school or struggling to keep up with the class, I urge you to consider attending IEP schools, more specifically Catch Up Kids – where learners are empowered with all necessary skills to be an expert in any classroom environment.

It’s never too late! Consider Catch Up Kids as your IEP school, because with the right programme and support system any child can CATCH UP!

  • Chad Edery