How to help ADHD kids get organized?

Getting organized is key to success at school. If you have a child with ADHD, you may be very familiar with their tendency to lose pens, forget books, submit unfinished school work, have endless piles of papers stuffed in the school bag, etc. However, teaching your child with ADHD how to become organized is absolutely possible! This is a great way to help ADHD kids succeed.

help ADHD kids

Why should kids be organized?

Being organized makes everything else easier. It helps learners work faster and it’s vital to their success in the classroom. Being organized will help a learner complete assignment on time or prepare materials for projects in advance. This way they will be able to achieve results.

Tips to help an ADHD learner get organized

Divide tasks into smaller pieces to help ADHD kids perform better

You can start by helping your child break down school projects or household chores into smaller tasks or steps. For example, if they have a school project the next day, ask them if they have packed everything they need to complete the project. They may nod and say yes, but prompt them to think about whether they need anything else. “That’s great”. You packed everything, but do you think you may need an additional item because it was listed on the material sheet for the project? “You may give them some hints, but let them think about the process. Teach them that each project has a beginning, middle, and end.

help ADHD kids

Make checklists

Now that they know what items they need, you can ask them to organize the all the material, worksheets and books on their desk. Ask them where they can find these items and how to pack them into their school bag. Once children know all the steps involved with a particular task, ask them to make a checklist for that specific task. For instance, you can ask them to make a to-do list for packing a school bag. Teach them how to organize books in a bag, how to group things together, what to pack, and what not to pack. This will give them a sense of responsibility. Moreover, they will avoid carrying unnecessary items to school and won’t leave behind any important materials or items such as their glasses. You can encourage them to make their list using a smartphone, tablet, or dry-erase board. This will keep them motivated to follow the list.

Teach the use of a calendar

Encourage learners to note down important tasks on a calendar, journal, or planner, whether it be digital or paper. Then help them evaluate the time they need to complete the task or project. Once they have completed the task, ask them if they were successful in completing the task in the time allocated. Then you can help them adjust the schedule for next time. This will also help them learn how to plan due dates for school assignments or projects, memorize the due dates and complete the project in the time allocated.

help ADHD kids

Set a routine

Create a plan to help learners comprehend and process what to anticipate throughout the day. The set routine will add discipline to their work. You can use picture schedules, planners, or other time management apps to encourage them to follow the routine.

In conclusion:

With these useful tips, you will no longer experience half-eaten lunches, or receive a teachers’ note that was buried in piles of paper and never made it, into your hand. The executive functioning skill of planning and organizing is important to ensure classroom success. It’s possible to teach a child with ADHD how to plan and organize. Motivate and encourage them to keep practicing this skill and make them aware of the necessity of good planning and organizational skills in order to achieve classroom success.