How can Catch Up Kids help your child achieve academic success?

Every parent dreads that school meeting where you get told that your child is falling behind and not coping in the mainstream classroom. Feedback sessions from the teachers can include, a long list of all those things your child cant do and is failing at and by the time you leave the meeting you feel confused and worried. At Catch Up Kids, your Case Manager will be able to identify why your child is not coping in the classroom and achieving academic success.

The following observations may be familiar:

  • He or she doesn’t pay attention in class.
  • Your child seems to execute instructions incorrectly or doesn’t complete the task.
  • He or she appears to be bored and distracted.
  • Your child is not able to read at peer level.
  • Their handwriting is messy and rushed.
  • Your child does not demonstrate competence in the basic Maths skills.

Bottom line! They failing and the school and teacher have recommended an assessment to determine whether remedial is the next step.

We teach children the skills they missing in order to keep them in mainstream school. They may not need a remedial setting. Once we teach executive functioning skills necessary for classroom success and catch up delayed academics the child presents completely differently and will demonstrate their ability to remain in mainstream school.

In order to achieve best outcomes, we need to provide the children with enough opportunity to acquire the skills they missing. It is for this reason, that a minimum of 6 hours a week is recommended in order to help them catch up. Many children attend 10 hours a week. At Catch Up Kids, we will use your child’s homework to teach them missing skills but we also need to identify the holes in their academic development and go back in time to fix the fact that they behind in reading, spelling and Maths.

To address their reading skills, we will focus on determining if your child has visual tracking, phonemic awareness and blending, do they know basic phonics and are their sight words fluent amongst other necessary skills required for reading. We will also work on their language comprehension and ensure reading fluency.

Our Catch Up Kids Case Manager, will determine if your child understands the basic maths concepts, like ordinal counting, addition and subtraction, multiplication and times tables. It may be necessary to spend time re-teaching these concepts. Assessing your child’s language skills will also help them improve on their success with problem sums. Giving them confidence by setting them up to be successful and strengthening their problem solving skills, which is an executive functioning skill, will also contribute to their success at maths.

It is possible to address learning challenges and to help your child make the necessary changes to become confident and successful learners of a mainstream classroom. Teaching them emotional coping skills and how to cope with their anxiety and the feeling of failing, will be high on our priority list.

In only a few months, your child will make measurable progress and the next school feedback meeting will be a completely different experience. Join us in celebrating your child’s academic success at Catch Up kids!