Overcome ADHD & learning difficulties & catch up in class

Is your child:

Falling behind in the classroom?

Attending remedial school or bridging class?

Struggling to keep up at playschool,
nursery school or primary school?

How can we assist?

Our goal is to produce confident and empowered learners who have a strong memory, the ability to perform as an expert in any classroom environment and who have executive functioning skills and all necessary skills to keep up with the class and academic demands. We address the individualised needs of learners who are struggling academically or falling behind in the classroom to help them achieve academic excellence and become confident members of the classroom.

Is my child a candidate for the Catch Up Kids program?


Kind words from parents and teachers

“Thank you and to all your amazing staff for helping my daughter and giving her this opportunity.  She was taught different learning strategies and at the same time her self esteam was lifted too. Ths most important thing is that she never complained of not wanting to go to her lessons which says alot.  Every child is different and learns differently. The students are  given individualised and personalised tuition and the  programmes are  personalised to suit each student. The educators are passionate about making a positive difference and that will be seen with no doubt . Thank you once again!”

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We are nothing your child has experienced before. Let’s have fun and catch up!