Enroll our expert tutors to provide educational support

Catchup Kids will focus on teaching the foundational skills to ensure academic success. If your child is struggling at school and remedial is the suggested next step, Catchup Kids is your answer. Catchup Kids Academy tutors foundation phase learners from pre-grade R to grade 3

Is your child:

Falling behind in the classroom?

Attending remedial school or bridging class?

Struggling to keep up at playschool,
nursery school or primary school?

How can we assist?

Our goal is to produce confident and empowered learners who have a strong memory, the ability to perform as an expert in any classroom environment and who have executive functioning skills and all necessary skills to keep up with the class and academic demands. We address the individualised needs of learners who are struggling academically or falling behind in the classroom to help them achieve academic excellence and become confident members of the classroom.

What our parents say

Catch Up was a God-send to me especially with this pandemic season of virtual learning. They mean business! Getting instantly to work with a team of the most amazing dedicated tutors in every area -in communication, punctuality, empathy, professional execution of services and most importantly, a heart and passion for their work, they tackled all outstanding school work and did CATCH UP to the current workload. They wear excellence like a badge!

Having multiple kids enrolled in the Catch Up program, it’s amazing to observe how each child is individually and uniquely attended to with lessons tailor-cut to meet their needs.

With a new born baby, the load of virtual learning was overwhelming but as I say to everyone I meet, I got sorted because I encountered Catch-Up Kids  and my personal slogan is-“Catch Up Is My Back Up!” From their tactical admin team, always responsive at any time of day to the brain behind the scene -Ms Ilana Gerschlowitz, I want to say an awesome “thank you!”

– Cape Town Mom

Catch up kids has literally saved my sanity, and that of my childs. My son really needs one on one attention, and someone with patience, Tanika walked into our house and it was love at first sight, besides helping him the two of them can be heard giggling as she makes learning fun. The difference in just 2 weeks is phenomenal…thank u catch up kids.

– Joburg Mom

” This is a massive shout to Ilana Gerschlowitz!

My 2 (nearly 3) year old twins have been at home from school since March. Through a programme called Catch-Up-Kids, run by Ilana, we have a teacher come to my house everyday from 9-11:30am. Ilana and her team are able to match up their highly trained and experienced teachers (and therapists) with each families needs.

Our teacher creates a simulated classroom environment. She has created routine and structure, during a very ‘out-of-control’ time in our lives. The Programme is tailor made to my children’s needs at this stage of their lives.
She has created weekly goals, provides me with a daily report about the progress of the day and ensure that the children are stimulated and busy.”

– Jodi

We are nothing your child has experienced before. Let’s have fun and catch up!