Help for children with adhd

Help for children with adhd

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) “is a disorder characterized by three primary symptoms: hyperactivity, impulsivity and inattention (difficulty focusing and sustaining attention)” (health24).

This is a neurological condition which, with proper and appropriate intervention and treatment, can be managed in such a way that individuals suffering from it can function effectively in their day to day life.

The disorder is characterized by a lack of concentration and organizational skills.  Also, as implied by its definition, those suffering from ADHD are easily distracted or easily become bored.  Individuals may struggle to follow through on an instruction or complete a task and they may fidget or move excessively.  If your child suffers from these symptoms then Catch Up Kids is your answer as we are able to provide help for children with ADHD.  At Catch Up Kids, help for children with ADHD is provided by collaborating with families and schools to build an individualized programme which targets the unique difficulties faced by each child.  Help for children with ADHD at Catch Up Kids aims to improve the academic, time-management and self-regulating skills of individuals who are falling behind their peers, children who are attending remedial classes or bridging classes and coping with ADHD, and children who struggled to keep up with the demands placed on them due to becoming easily distracted.

Through observation and discussion with parents, help for children with ADHD can be individualized and effectively administered.  Help for children with ADHD at Catch Up Kids aims to optimize the learning strategies and skills repertoire of each individual child.  This way of providing help for children with ADHD aims to increase the pace at which academic goals or targets are reached.  The main priority at Catch Up Kids is to see each child succeed and reach their full potential.  Catch Up Kids offers the service of providing help for children with ADHD at one of our centres, at the specific school of the child with ADHD or at the child’s home.  This means that help for children with ADHD can be provided by Catch Up Kids in the location where each individual child learns best.

Catch Up Kids believes that help for children with ADHD should aim at empowering the child rather than having the child have their work done for them.  With patience and the teaching of management strategies, attention, planning, inhibition, memory, flexibility, self-monitoring and time management amongst others.  This means that at Catch Up Kids, help for children with ADHD has a strong focus on skills development , meaning that each child is equipped for life in areas where they previously lacked skill, understanding or strategies.

Catch Up Kids, and the kind of help for children with ADHD that it provides, is of a transformative nature with frequent workshops and team meetings which ensure that goals are always increasing and moving forward to as to maximize the child’s abilities and see them excel.

Elizabeth Barclay Loggie