Fighting with your child to do homework?

At Catchup kids, our expert tutors will provide homework support and help your child to learn how to do their homework independently. Catchup kids offers a tutoring program which assists your child with academic support. It is not always easy to get a child to do their homework or even pay any attention when you try to explain it to them. At catchup kids our expert tutors provide homework support. The goal at Catchup kids is to keep your child in mainstream school.

You may feel like your child is falling behind in the classroom but with CatchUpKids classroom success is possible! Our team creates evidence-based treatment plans drawing on a Developmental Curriculum and on the principles of ABA. This allows us to customize individualised programs for each child, track results and achieve meaningful developmental skill acquisition.

These are some of the ways that catchup kids will enhance your child’s learning experience:
A highly skilled tutor provides your child with homework support. We will use the homework as a platform to teach your child independence to ensure that they are able to manage their homework independently in the long-term. The program is designed to specifically target the problem areas your child is facing. Our expert tutors will teach your child the functional skills they need to cope with classroom demands. Daily and constant feedback is provided on your child’s progress. Our Catchup team can liaise with your child’s school and attend any meetings to support your family.

At Catchupkids, we set the building blocks to success. Our expert tutors dedicate time and effort in ensuring that we assist your child in achieving results. We want to see your child succeed in the classroom. Getting your child to cope in the classroom and complete their homework should not be a hassle. All you have to do is enrol your child at Catchup kids and let one of our expert tutors provide you with the support you need. Contact Catch up kids for a stress-free 2023!

  • Who is our programme for?
  • Foundation phase learners
  • Children with ADD/ADHD
  • Learners who are falling behind in the classroom
  • Children who attend a remedial school or a bridging class at a mainstream school
  • Playschool, nursery school and primary school learners who are struggling to keep up with classroom demands
  • We provide sessions at our centres, at home or at the child’s school.

Where are we located?

Johannesburg, Highlands North 112 Athol Street
Johannesburg, Douglasdale 72 Glenluce Drive

Durban North, 3 Ridge Way, Mount Edgecombe
Pretoria 480 Kleineweide street, Erasmuskloof

Cape Town, Sea Point 12 Grahams Road

Contact details:

+27 (0) 11 440 1666