Child failing school

Why is my child failing school?


Dealing with the endless demands of school can be a daunting task. The homework, assessments, orals and projects. The pressure from the above can be exacerbated by your child failing school or failing certain subjects.

Your child failing school can cause feeling of poor self-worth, hopelessness and lack of motivation in your child and feelings of helplessness in you.

The reason behind your child failing school may be simple and easy to rectify, others may be more complicated and serious, requiring more time and attention. Let’s have a look at a few reasons why your child could be failing school:

  • Lack of sleep or exhaustion
  • Lack of motivation to do school work
  • Lack of interest in school
  • Defiance and unwillingness to perform school related tasks
  • An unidentified learning difficulty
  • Changes at home; moving to a new house, divorce, loss of a loved one
  • Bullying; be it in person or cyber bullying
  • Problems with eyesight or hearing difficulties

In order to help your child, perform better at school and to stop him/her from failing school, it is imperative to identify what is causing the problem.

Generally, if your child is repeatedly failing a subject or subjects you will be called in by the school for a parent-teacher conference. This is an occasion for both parents and teachers to voice concerns and explore the various reason why your child may be failing school and what steps need to be taken next. This will likely include a consultation with an educational psychologist as well as a global assessment. Your child will be assessed for learning difficulties, problems with hearing and eyesight as well as assessments by a speech and occupational therapist (if these have not been done previously). Once all the assessments have been completed, the educational psychologist will make the necessary recommendations. Some may be easy to implement. Others may prove to be time consuming and, in some instances, involve changing to a remedial environment.

Although your child may be failing school, he/she may be happy in their current school and changing schools may not be an ideal option. Changing schools has challenges of its own, such as making new friends, adjusting to a new environment and a new way of doing things. Moving your child to a new school is a tough decision to make. There is however another viable option to help your child who is failing school, without having to change their school. Catch up Kids could be the answer you are looking for to help your child who is failing school, while keeping them in an environment that is familiar and where they are happy. Catch up Kids provides after school help with studying, homework and assignments, using ABA principals, making learning motivating, fun and rewarding. Because the method used at Catch Up Kids is widely applicable to problems affecting human learning, interaction, and motivation, the chances that the method would be suitable to your child’s needs are high.