Certified RAVE-O practitioner

Catch Up Kids is pleased to announce that our Clinical Director, Jenna White, is now a certified RAVE-O practitioner!

RAVE-O is an evidence-based literacy intervention curriculum which empowers students to read text deeply to build new knowledge, develop new ideas, and reach new levels of reading achievement.

RAVE-O accelerates learning, prevents and closes the reading achievement gap, improves student performance across key literacy domains. It also promotes fluency and comprehension, and progress is monitored through ongoing, informal assessments.

RAVE-O explicitly connects every aspect of a word as it is encountered:

  • Phonemes (the perceptually distinct units of sound in a specified language that distinguish one word from another)
  • Meanings
  • Morphemes (the smallest grammatical units in language)
  • Grammatical functions
  • Spelling patterns

Using interactive, multisensory activities that enhance students’ abilities to decode, read fluently, comprehend, and analyse what they read builds confidence and motivates students towards their reading goals.

While RAVE-O can benefit every child, it is particularly useful for children who are “at-risk” for literacy difficulties, including children with dyslexia. We can’t wait to see how it benefits our Catch Up Kids!