Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a condition that includes attention difficulty, hyperactivity and impulsiveness. It often starts in childhood and can continue into adulthood. It can contribute to difficulties at school and work, challenging relationships and low self-esteem. ADHD is an umbrella with varied symptoms, actual varied lived experiences and varied deficiencies in skills necessary for social and academic development.

The concern most parents have is will my kid be able to catch up with skills and activities necessary for a fulfilling academic and social life? Are there ADHD experts near me who can assist my kid in Catching Up?

Rest assured Catch Up kids has ADHD experts trained in scientifically tested and proven skills, one on one programs tailor made for each individual child’s needs and workshops and training for parents, care-givers.

The question of proximity, efficiency and convenience for parents and care-givers is one that ADHD experts at Catch Up kids prioritize as most loved ones wonder “ are there any ADHD experts near me who can fit my child’s schedule?”

At Catch Up kids ADHD experts are available to provide training on a schedule that fits the child with daily hours of ABA therapy recommended by highly experienced supervisors, the programs involve training in the natural environment and can be conducted at the family home, around the school hours for children in mainstream schooling. Catch Up kids has experts around the country and growing developments in the continent and other countries in order to bring the expertise to the kids we love and cherish.

The variety and spectrum of symptoms of ADHD have loved one’s asking themselves “are there ADHD experts who can cater specifically for my kid’s diagnosis to help them Catch Up?”

The ADHD experts at Catch Up kids design IEPs – Individualised Education Plans. This is a set of regular on-going interventions designed specifically to train each individual child, in one on one sessions with a team of highly trained therapists and each child learn the specific social and academic skills they need to catch up with. There is no one-size fits all with ADHD diagnosis and Catch-Up kids ADHD experts provide training in self-management, time-management, emotional intelligence development to fit each individual child.

ADHD diagnosis can be threefold difficulty sustaining attention, hyperactivity or both.

As a parent it’s common to ask if there are any ADHD experts near me who know which skills to teach my kid and how to help them sustain them.

At Catch Up kids there are highly trained ADHD experts trained in Applied Behaviour Analysis Therapy to train children using specific activities and lessons to sustain attention, manage their activity and emotions.

Amongst many lessons that have helped children is the sustained attention lesson that teaches children to sit in a workspace tailored for their needs, pay attention for measured incremental time goals, complete an academic activity and in a socially educated way ask for assistance when genuinely in need of assistance without causing disruption. Upon completion of activities children engage in a preferred rewarding activity in order to develop a positive association of a sustained attention, doing good work and good behaviour with positive outcome which is each parent’s goal in raising children that are eventually independent.

The question of proximity matters most with information and parents ask themselves whether there are any ADHD experts near them who can work with their children and inform them on their child’s progress.

At Catch Up kids daily, weekly and monthly reviews are conducted by the highly trained experts on acquired skills to ensure their maintained and integrated into a child’s everyday life. Daily feedback is sent to parents before 8 PM daily on each day’s activities. Supervisors and team leads keep a close contact with each therapist around the clock for support on each individual child’s program and progress.

Catch Up kids has offices in Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town and Pretoria. If you’re asking yourself “are there any ADHD Experts near me?”Get in touch with our offices and have an assessment initiated to set your child up for a fulfilling social and academic life.

ADHD can be overcome with caring therapists, care-givers and loving parents armed with the knowledge of Applied Behaviour Analysis.

Written by Benny Mojela