Catch Up Kids ADHD Academy

At Catch Up Kids ADHD Academy we offer specially tailored programs to suit your child’s needs. We help children who are academically challenged, struggling with learning and behavioural issues and who are having difficulty at school.  Your child will be surrounded by a team of qualified and experienced instructors who are dedicated and motivated to see them succeed. Each child does sessions one-on-one at the ADHD Academy and is given our undivided attention.

At the ADHD Academy we have many children who are faced with ADHD and all the challenges that this diagnosis comes with. ADHD is the most prevalent Psychiatric condition in children today and it affects 2-16% of school children. Children who struggle with ADHD struggle with a mountain of obstacles. Some of the widely known challenges are hyperactivity, impulsive behaviour and a poor attention span. One’s entire family is affected by the diagnosis of ADHD and it can be daunting to find the best solution for your child. We at Catch Up Kids ADHD Academy see them battle through these challenges daily and it is our passion and goal to persevere alongside your child and help them learn to manage these challenges independently.

Here is what we know: Children with ADHD show an insistent display of absentmindedness and/or hyperactivity and impulsivity that hampers their performance or development. We know that they often find it difficult to focus attention on details, tasks at hand, activities and are easily distracted. Other difficulties that rise up against children with ADHD include not being able to sit still, blurting out answers and interrupting others to mention a few. All of this takes a toll on our children emotionally, and it is not hard to see how all of this would immensely affect our children in a school environment. At Catch Up Kids ADHD Academy we believe that it is important to equip them with the necessary tools that will set them up for success.

Each child is different at the ADHD Academy and is treated accordingly. We strive to meet each child’s unique needs with a custom Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) program. The ABA program is an Intervention based on Behavioural Psychology. It is used internationally as a treatment for ADHD through the implementation of behavioural changes. These changes aid in making some of the socially relevant symptoms less prominent, and by assisting them to manage their behaviour in order to perform comfortably and successfully in any setting. At the ADHD Academy we coach your child through emotional coping, planning and organizing skills, study skills, test taking skills and behaviour management. We work on their executive functioning which will help them with working memory, self-control, flexible thinking, and help them to develop their focus, listening skills, to deal with emotions and self-control.

At the ADHD Academy we work on overcoming these difficulties together with your child. Our hope is for your child to realize their full potential. ABA is an incredible tool utilized by the ADHD Academy to aid in this process and is known as one of the best available treatments for ADHD.

The ABA method as practiced at the ADHD Academy is based on basic operant conditioning techniques. These techniques focus on the reinforcement of desired or target behaviours and manipulation of consequences in order to decrease undesired behaviours. This is known as Differential Reinforcement. Each behaviour can be broken down into components. These components are then consecutively reinforced which ultimately forms the desired behaviour. This process is called Discrete Trial Training. We use a Shaping method to develop “sustained attention” as well as “vocal and non-vocal inhibition”. We also make use of self-management training. This is when we instil self-awareness and equip our children with the tools to help self-manage their challenging behaviours.

Our skilled team at Catch Up Kids ADHD Academy work together with you, the parent to create consistency for your child. This gives our children the best shot at success. As with any intervention, consistency is key. At the ADHD Academy we give your child skills to control and manage their symptoms that they will use throughout their lives. The emotional well-being of your child is very important to us here at the ADHD Academy. We teach them emotional coping methods to help them manage their “outbursts” and emotional turbulence as they grow up and mature. We are hands on with their school and learning material and believe that through hard work and determination our kids can learn to cope efficiently and flourish in their personal capacity as well as in their learning. Catch Up Kids ADHD Academy is a passionate team who will make your child their priority.

Jessica Pieterse