Behaviour Problems school

Behaviour Problems school

Teachers cannot be solely responsible for behaviour problems in schools. Some classes have up to 40 kids in each class and having a child who is displaying behaviour problems either frustrates that teacher to the point that they feel overwhelmed and incapable. This behaviour problems tends to leads to many missed classes either in time out or detention. Kids who have behaviour problems are often quite far behind academically and also not favourable in the eyes of the teacher. Kids who have behaviour problems also have to deal with their peers and this hinders their social development.

Schools have to maintain and safe and free environment for all students attending. And many mainstream schools cannot cope with children who display problem behaviour. Catch Up Kids is a solution as a behaviour problems school. As a behaviour problems school, Catch Up Kids can offer one-on-one attention to work through the behaviour problems and underlining issues that are the root cause for the problem behaviour. The benefits of the one-on-one attention means that Catch Up Kids as a behaviour problems schools can provide multiple opportunities to work with the child and combat the problem behaviour.

Our staff are fully trained to handle behaviour problems and manage it in way that is both respectful to the client and fostering change in a productive and positive approach. As a behaviour problem school, we use Applied Behavioural Analysis techniques to assist your child to manage and cope with behaviour problems. We understand as a behaviour problems school how important it is for a child to maintain a regular learning schedule and at Catch Up Kids, we offer behaviour problem interventions that help regulate your child’s ability to learn efficiently.

As a behaviour problem school, we also offer in home sessions and help train you as the parent in managing such behaviour problems and creating a healthy and positive home environment. We believe that behaviour problems must be tackled from all aspects of the client’s life for a sustaining impact. By giving you as the parent or caregiver the appropriate training, you are able to manage your child’s behaviour problem in a safe and beneficial manner to both you and your child. Our training is a practical approach in handling behaviour problems without feeling overwhelmed.

We can confidently say that, as behaviour analysts, there are no more capable hands your child could be in. We don’t just tackle the behaviour problem on the surface but we understand how behaviour problems affects the child’s entire life and that’s why we, as a behaviour problem school, use a holistic approach to managing the behaviour problem.  Don’t wait until your child is constantly at the principal’s office on the verge of expulsion or suspension. Act now before it is too late! Help is available in our behaviour problem school, Catch Up Kids.

Nicole Mtshali