Attention Deficit Disorder School

Attention Deficit Disorder School

Attention Deficit Disorder School

Attention Deficit Disorder School : Is your child struggling to concentrate at school?

Is your child falling behind academically, due to being distracted, having to redo work because he/she were not listening or making mistakes?

Has your child lost his/her confidence in everyday life due to some tasks being just too difficult for him/her?

Does your child forget what has been asked due to not paying attention or struggling to pay attention due to his/her surroundings?

Attention Deficit Disorder has an impact on a child’s functional living as well as his/her ability to learn.  These children lose confidence in themselves because they are always being reprimanded.  They also lose confidence in school because they are aware of their struggle and they start questioning why they are not like their peers who do not struggle.

Many children which have been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder are immediately put on medication.  Imagine a program which could help your child with Attention Deficit Disorder without having to administrate medication to him/her.

Catch Up Kids is a program which assists children with Attention Deficit Disorder in schools.  To teach him/her how to pay attention properly when it is required, assists a child with Attention Deficit Disorder to work in his/her memory skills, to remember to write down homework, to remember what tasks he/she were asked to do, to be able to follow instructions the teacher has given him/her and to recognise when they have made a mistake without being told what the mistake is.

Catch Up Kids is a learning program which is designed by a Catch Up Kids Supervisor to work on the areas your child is specifically struggling in.  The child is assessed in areas such as memory, attention, listening to instructions and all the areas in which he/she would require to be able to function comfortably in a school environment.

The assessment is done by means of a workshop with a team of experienced tutors.  Your child will be assessed individually as well as in his/her school environment.

It is important for a child with Attention Deficit Disorder to be assessed in school in order for the Catch Up Kids team to have a better understanding as to how your child reacts to certain situations, as well as how he/she copes with the instructions given to them.

The Catch Up Kids program can have a huge impact on your child’s daily functioning as well as the teachers, their peers and you as a parent.  Catch Up Kids can assist in helping your child with his/her homework and to actually complete his/her homework in one sitting.

Your child could either have one on one therapy or school facilitation, whereby a tutor goes to school with your child to assist him/her with immediate situations which your child might struggle to cope with or your child could even receive both.

Attention Deficit Disorder School: Catch up Kids is a program to help children with Attention Deficit Disorder in schools and his/her surrounding environments.