An eye-opening experience

Working at Catch Up Kids has been one of the most eye-opening experiences ever. We take it for granted that reading, writing, spelling and other academic skills come naturally with age or exposure at school. However, to some it does not. To some it is difficult. I have had the pleasure to work with children who are in different grades, and it feels like I have gone back in time, remembering some cool tricks to pass on to my children to help them out and also remembering the things that were also difficult for me and being able to almost get a “second chance” at an academic or concept that was difficult for me. When a child is not succeeding at school it can result in a very low self-esteem. One of the most rewarding things for me on a daily basis is watching a child improve at an academic concept and therefore improve their self esteem.

One of my favourite success stories is a child who came to Catch Up Kids with difficulties in academics. Due to this, his self esteem had been broken and he was presenting with extreme rudeness at school and at home. We worked on his academics and his tests improved over time. With this, he became less frustrated and his self-esteem and attitude towards others improved. He is now polite, kind, and always looking forward to the next academic challenge. To be part of a transformation like that is a rewarding and pleasing feeling; it boosts us everyday at Catch Up Kids to try to get everyone to that point.