ADHD Schools in Durban

ADHD Schools in Durban: What are the options?

For a parent or guardian who has a child with ADHD or a similar developmental disorder, finding the right academic support for your child can be difficult. With more and more ADHD schools in Durban becoming available for children, you may be asking yourself, “Is this the option to choose?” …So, what is the best option for your child? What options actually are there?


In order to decide whether to send your child to a specialised ADHD school in Durban, you need to first gain some understanding of the skill areas your child struggles with. More often than not, the skill areas affected in children with ADHD are not purely academic, and areas of social skills and cognitive skills, as well as executive and adaptive functioning skills are also likely to be affected. In other words, your child may not only struggle with understanding letter and number concepts at school, but may also struggle with social skills. Perhaps they are not able to hold a conversation with a peer, or struggle with understanding another individual’s emotions, or even their own emotions. Without these skills, a child might not easily thrive in a school setting and their true potential gets lost.


Catch Up Kids provides one-on-one facilitation and support to young learners. The way Catch Up Kids approach styles of learning therefore depend on the children themselves – what may work for one child with ADHD, may not work for the next child with ADHD or a learning difficulty. This is why Catch Up Kids’ style of teaching can provide your child with an individualised and effective assistance in areas of school work, homework, emotional coping, socialising skills, etc. which can then enable your child to begin succeeding at school, and show their true capabilities.

Flexible & Fun

In order to assess and understand the skill areas your child is struggling with, and better yet, gain insight to teaching-methods and learning strategies that can aid your child in Catching up at school, feel free to contact a Catch Up Coordinator. What makes Catch Up Kids stand out above ADHD schools in Durban, is that Catch Up Kids is not only flexible in finding learning strategies that work best for your child, but also flexible in options of where to teach your child. Depending on the requirements of your child, you have options of our trained tutors meeting with your child at home, at school or at one of our centres. Once a meeting has been organised, the start of your child’s new learning journey can begin! And, what’s even better, is that your child’s learning journey with Catch Up Kids is largely focused on integrating the learning of important skills within play and fun activities, so that your child is continually motivated and eager to learn.

Final Thoughts

Many ADHD schools in Durban are catered for assisting children with ADHD and other learning difficulties, however, for many, changing schools and finding a school that your child fits into can be difficult. This is why Catch Up Kids strive to provide learning strategies that, instead, fit your child’s unique needs and requirements.