ADHD Remediation

ADHD Remediation

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a developmental disorder that affects a child’s behaviour or development (learning). ADHD Remediation can be successfully implemented with enough support from family and teachers.

Children with ADHD experience the following difficulties:

1) Impulsivity

These symptoms could include:

-Being impatient

-Being accident-prone

-Talking out of turn.

-Answering before questions have been completed

2) Overactivity

These symptoms could include:


-Fidgeting with their hands or feet or squirm in their seat.

-Leaving their seat in the classroom or in other situations in which remaining seated is expected.

3) Inattention:

These symptoms could include:

-Have difficulty sustaining attention in tasks or play activities.

-Forgetting instructions or not following full instructions.

-Not finishing school work, chores or other duties. (At school or at home)

-Leaving things behind or losing belongings. (Items like school books, clothes, sport equipment etc.)

Children with ADHD struggle with Executive Functioning because some of the main executive functioning skills are responsible for attention and self-regulation.


1) Working memory- Being able to keep information in mind then using it in some way. A good work example would be your child needs to read a passage, keep information in mind, and use it to answer questions later.

2) Cognitive Flexibility- Being able to think about something in different ways. Answering a maths questions in two different ways.

3) Inhibitory Control- Resisting temptation, and being able to ignore distractions.

How can an ADHD Remediation programme with Catch Up Kids assist your child?

Catch Up Kids is a learning programme which addresses the individualized needs of learners who are struggling academically or falling behind in the classroom. Each child’s programme is tailor-made to meet their specific needs.

We teach children executive function skills such as planning, attention, time management, emotional coping, flexibility, memory, social skills and more. While also adding classroom/homework accommodations to improve and help your child learn easier in any environment he finds himself.

Examples of Classroom or Homework accommodations:

  • For classroom learning- Provide seat cushions, foot rests or resistance bands on chair legs to help satisfy the need to move around.
  • For organization- Colour-code material, written schedules for daily routines and using notebooks etc.
  • Taking tests- Breaking up long assignments into smaller chunks and quieter space for work and tests.
  • For behaviour- Implementing of a reward system.

We provide:

-Catch Up programme design by your Catch Up Supervisor.

-One on one sessions with a team of well-trained tutors to meet your child’s individual needs.

-School observations and IEP meetings with the school and your Catch Up supervisor.

-Monthly evaluations and progress assessments with your child and the Catch Up tutors.

-Recommendations are made for one on one sessions and/or school facilitation which may occur, at home, school or our Catch Up facilities.

Is your child:

Falling behind in the classroom? Struggling to keep up at playschool/preschool? Or is your attending remedial school or bridging class? We can help!

For more information on ADHD Remediation, please contact the Catch Up Kids Coordinator.