ADHD help for Children

ADHD help for Children

by Daniella Ferreira

When considering ADHD (Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder) and how it can affect parents, the following quote came to mind; “The hardest thing about ADHD is that it’s ‘invisible’ to the outsider. People just assume that we are not being good parents or that our child is a brat, when they don’t have an idea just how exhausted we really are.” Many people are quick to judge and some parents search endlessly for ADHD help for children. The most common answers to ADHD help for children are to medicate them, change their diet and even seek a remedial school for them. These options can leave parents feeling scared or anxious and even confused with what they have to do.

However, a good place to start, before discussing ADHD help for children, is to consider what ADHD is in a nutshell. Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder is best described as a neurological syndrome, which is characterised by poor concentration, being easily distracted, poor organisational skills as well as a tendency to say or do whatever, comes to mind. In most cases, these children will find it really difficult to focus in class, obtain good marks and also stay on track with the rest of the class. This is one of the reasons why so many teachers will make the recommendation for these children to be medicated and even moved to a remedial environment.

What is also extremely sad and disheartening is that many children will be called names such as ‘stupid’, ‘dumb’, ‘useless’, purely because they are behind their peers. These names may even come from their teachers and some may even experience these words at a very young age. The problem comes in when the child starts hearing this on a weekly or even daily basis. Often children will start believing these words and fall into the cycle of having a broken self-esteem and will lack confidence within them. They will identify themselves with this words. When parents seek ADHD help for children, they also need to consider what state the child is in emotionally and mentally.

It is so unfortunate that not many parents and/or teachers know about a program such as Catch Up Kids. When parents find themselves searching for ADHD help for children, they will find all other recommendations and very few will come across Catch Up Kids. In a nutshell, Catch Up Kids has a goal to produce empowered kids who have confidence within them! They focus on all aspects of a child, their academic well-being, social well-being and overall they true well-being. The child receives one-on-one attention in doing their academic catch up and also building their character again. Many need to have their confidence and self-esteem built up again as it has been broken down often. When joining Catch Up Kids, each and every child has a programme specific to their needs with a dedicated team who will work together to change the child’s life. And one of the best things is that this program is offered outside of school hours.

Catch Up Kids aims to keep children in mainstream schooling and assist them to cope and to make sure they are on par with what’s happening within their school career. Catch Up Kids is an alternative support system from the typical recommendation for when it comes to ADHD help for children. The biggest advice is for parents to seek help as soon as possible as this can prevent the issue from escalating. Do the right thing and help your child catch up at Catch Up Kids!