ADHD Courses for Teachers

Teachers in South Africa lack adequate knowledge on ADHD. Teachers thus need to attend suitable, accredited courses available on ADHD in order to know how to deal with a child who has ADHD in their classroom. A study published in the South African Journal of Education stated that 200 teachers were examined on their knowledge of ADHD in South Africa (Health24, 2017). Only 45% of the teachers answered the questions on ADHD correctly (Health24, 2017). This indicates a lack of teachers fit to deal with children who have ADHD. Teachers in South Africa need to go for courses in order to equip them with techniques and resources and knowledge on how to deal with children who have ADHD in the classroom.

Teachers in South Africa can go for HANDLE training by Mindstretch. They are based in Cape Town but there are ways to get in contact with them. This includes email and telephone and 021 531 5899. They provide training for teachers who engage with children who have ADHD. The training includes workshops, lectures and longer course series based on ADHD. Their aim is to help with curriculum adaptation in South Africa.

NILD courses are offered to teachers in order to help them identify children who are vulnerable to failures later in life. TEACH is a programme offered to address any weaknesses present and uses learning theories to help address these weaknesses. TEACH focuses on visual, visual-motor, auditory, body image and intermodal. This will aid in helping children with ADHD as the teachers can focus on addressing the above mentioned areas children lack in. Non-NILD Educational Therapists will be able to attend the course for 5 days. This course is designed for teachers to use in the classroom for children with ADHD to succeed in the classroom as well as being able to become independent in life.

Calabash is a website which provides a course for teachers to watch videos on ADHD. This website provides knowledge and ways for professionals to access resources effortlessly. The talks cover ADHD and anxiety, medical treatment of ADHD: possibilities and limitations. This will inform the teachers about ADHD as many teachers are unaware of what ADHD entails. This will aid the teachers to alter their teaching ways and how they handle certain situations with the children in their classrooms.

Bellavista S.H.A.R.E training programme offers courses for teachers where they provide talks that teachers can attend. The scheduled talks vary based on the topic but they do cover ADHD. Teachers will need to have a look on their websites to see the available dates for the talks. The talks start on certain days and are covered over various other days thereafter.

Chevaune Lubbe