Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and School

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It is not uncommon for children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder to be active and progressing in school systems. However ADHD can negatively impact a child’s performance and hinder them in school. Though parents have no need for concern, as even with ADHD. With dedication, loving support and structured discipline, a child can soar in their academics and not be hindered at all by their ADHD

Now to explain what ADHD truly is. ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. If a child is “Attention Deficit” that would mean that they struggle to stay focused on one or more tasks, especially for longer periods of time. This can be quite disruptive for a child, as this will stunt their progress and growth in school

On the other side of ADHD, we have “Hyperactivity”. Plainly put, hyperactivity is the state of being constantly active. Many children that are “hyperactive” are said to possess endless energy and are a whirlwind. Again this behaviour can be quite disruptive, especially in a classroom setting for the child, and even the children around them.

Though there is a positive in all of this that can put parents hearts at ease. And that is that a child can only be “Attention Deficit” or “Hyperactivity”, a child can never be both. Which greatly simplifies the situation, especially for parents who may be worried that their child may be both.

Though with this information in mind, one should not fret. As it is not at all impossible for children with ADHD to become accustomed to a school setting and perform incredibly well in academics, sports and socially.

There are many possible routes that parents and children can take that will aid in their day to day life with ADHD. These include at home and at school. These treatments include but are not limited to; therapy, teaching a child discipline to stay focused on a task(s), and even after-school programmes such as Catch Up Kids. These can all help a child to reach their potential in school and at home. ADHD is very treatable, and school is by no means a battlefield that a child cannot conquer. With time and treatment, parents and children can treat assured that they will conquer ADHD.

Another possible treatment for ADHD are medications (especially calming medications). These are incredibly effective at helping a child maintain attention for longer periods of time, and preventing their performance from being hindered by their ADHD. This can be very useful information in cases where parents would like to utilise medications with their child, whilst they goes to school.

However in the long run, therapy and learning discipline over time will benefit a child with ADHD more than purely medicinal forms of treatment. This is especially true in school in order for a child to one day perform well independently in their later years of schooling.

In conclusion, Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder can be quite a disturbance for a child in school. However that does not mean that this will be the case forever, as with time and treatment all children with ADHD can improve and ultimately perform their best in school. ADHD shall not hold any child back, so long as they have loving support behind them and the dedication needed to do their best. Which all children possess in their hearts

Written by Matthew Cowan