ADD program

ADD program (Attention Deficit Disorder program) at Catch Up Kids:


Attention Deficit Disorder (abbreviated as ADD) is a subtype of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (abbreviated as ADHD) known as Inattentive ADHD. In these cases, individuals are most commonly easily distractible or have difficulty focusing but are not impulsive or hyperactive.

When to consider an ADD program:

Children diagnosed with this subtype of ADHD may have difficulty focusing in school and may experience social difficulties and low self-esteem. Challenges following (and later recalling) teacher’s instructions, difficulties keeping desks organized and taking down notes could negatively impact their grades in school, while difficulties to maintain and understand conversations with peers may result in difficulty forming lasting social relationships.

Why to consider an ADD program:

ADD programs at Catch Up Kids are aimed at improving sustained attention, joint attention and shifting attention between tasks, refining auditory and working memory skills, teaching organizational skills, promoting task initiation and completion, enhancing conversation skills and teaching organizational skills.

Types of ADD programs available for your child:

A tailor-made ADD program designed to handle your child’s educational and/ or social needs can be run in the classroom by means of school facilitation or as extra lessons, often in the afternoons after school, conducted at our Catch Up Kids centre or at the home.

How Catch Up Kids provides an ADD program:

  • After meeting with the parent(s) and child, a comprehensive assessment of your child’s skills is completed, and our supervisors will design an ADD program to suit your child’s individual needs.
  • Catch Up Kids places an emphasis on individualized learning, with a 1:1 ratio between tutor and student. Each child is assigned a team of tutors who are trained in delivering the ADD program.
  • Consistency across Catch Up Kids tutors, teachers and school teams is ensured through monthly meetings and workshops where progress is monitored, lessons are discussed, generalization of the program is addressed (discussing the differences observed by teachers at school and by parents in the home) and the program is adjusted according to your child’s progress.

ADD program lessons at Catch Up Kids:

The lessons included in your child’s ADD program will be based on their individual skills and areas of difficulty. Our tutors are trained to provide support across academic, social and cognitive domains, amongst others. A list of lessons in an ADD program at Catch Up Kids may include, but is not limited to:

  • Academic lessons: Teaching math, spelling, reading and comprehension skills.
  • Social lessons: Teaching emotional coping skills and strategies, positive self-statements, maintaining conversations and accepting constructive criticism.
  • Executive Functions lessons: Teaching planning, organizing, memory, attention, self-monitoring and other skills. This is the domain in our curriculum most applicable to learners with ADD, as it directly addresses and improves many of the skill deficits specific to ADD.