5 After School Activities to Keep Your Child Entertained

After School Activities: art classes

Keeping children engaged and entertained after school can be a challenging task, particularly if you are also juggling cooking dinner at the same time. However, if you have a plan in place ahead of time, you can find the process a lot less stressful. Get started with our “5 After School Activities to Keep Your Child Entertained” list below!

Bake a Healthy Snack

baking snacks are great afterschool activities


After a long day at school, your child is likely to need a little energy boost before dinner. Why not make a fun activity out of it by having a baking session with your kids? Your children can help with mixing, measuring and fill the key role of taste testers!

Let Them Enjoy an Art Session at the Kitchen Table


If you have a table in the kitchen, why not let your children unwind with some drawing and colouring while you cook the evening meal? Sit your children down with the art supplies and ask them to draw about their day.

Go For a Short Walk As After School Activities

going for a walk

If you’ve been trapped in the office all day and your children in the classroom – chances are you’ll all appreciate a chance to stretch your legs and enjoy some fresh air before settling down for the evening. Take a family stroll around the block and take the time to catch up with your kids and learn about their experiences that day.

Play an Audio Book

 listening to audio books


If you’re children are unlikely to be in the mood to settle down with a book straight from school, they may be more interested in listening to an audio book. Set up a cosy spot in the same room as you and pick a story they’ll be interested in.

This can become a great after school tradition which will help your children to transition from school to home life.

Encourage Them To Solve a Puzzle

building puzzles

Buy a children’s puzzle with a fun and interesting picture and then set it up on a side table. Make sure there are enough pieces to keep your child guessing and don’t move the puzzle until it has been completed.

You child will enjoy the challenge and it can become a new daily activity for them to enjoy when they get home which they will find calming and be motivated to finish.